13 Nov 2019

John Reed / Zurich

13 Dec 2019

Bagatelle / Zurich

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Making decisions is an important part of life. Growing up at a time where music experiences its golden era, electronic sounds are getting discovered, where people experiment and create new genres, you will come to a point where you have to take one of those important decisions that will change your life and the way you are going to with it.


Listening or creating

Giuseppe Azzato aka Juzz has never considered these two words as a decision-making. Further, listening and creating were two parts of a development process for him. 90’s Hiphop and Techno were the foundations of a requirement that was growing more and more from this moment on : not only to experience music and its culture, but also create it.


DJing or producing

On one thing comes another. To play your favorite tracks in front of an euphoric crowd is an undescribable feeling. But for Juzz himself, it wasn’t enough. He was always thinking of how it would be to play his own tracks on a stage.

The first steps into music producing were made in a small studio. His productions started to get more complex and were released on different labels. His recent release on Little Helpers was definitively one of those moments Juzz has been waiting long for a long time. In addition to his producing career, Juzz is also performing as a live act together with some of his friends. Under the name of «FEM Ensemble» they were already performing in well known clubs such as Hive Zurich or Frieda’s Buxe.  


In addition to his own music career, Juzz is running the label «Freunde Elektronischer Musik» that has been a plattform for young talented artists for several years with a simple goal: to give young talents the possibility to not only experience the music, but also create and release it.


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All you need EP

Am Montag, 16. September erscheint die neuste EP von Juzz auf dem in Chicago beheimateten Imprint The Pool House. Unsere Beweggründe präsentiert exklusiv den Titeltrack der drei Tracks starken EP «All You Need».

Little Helpers 304

Little Helpers is a conceptual label courtesy of Andrew Rasse (a.k.a. Butane) and Sean O'Neal (a.k.a. Someone Else) launched in December 2009. Each track is a strong, reduced groove-tool aimed to satisfy the increasing number of digital DJs. 

Italian Job EP

Welcome to Italians but Switzerland residents OniWax, Juzz and Mauro Villareale on Fventi with their Italian Job EP.

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Firestarter EP

Our tenth reference is Juzz. Wajiro is a sub-label of Wachufleiva created by Kevin Baena Hernández (Behache).

Lerico EP

4 Quarters Music is pleased to present "Lerico" by Juzz.

Marta EP

‘Marta’ a crunchy minimal weapon which showcases Juzz’s sonic artistry and creative take on club music. Layers of sounds develop and evolve around each other as the focused groove pushes on. The second offering on the release is ‘White Rose’, another juicy minimal roller with crispy drum programming and a bouncy low end shuffle. A distinct, yet subtle acid riff adds warmth while a heavily effected vocal twists and turns in the background. The track builds a bed glitchy percussion and rises up with thick FX washes to build tension in the club.

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Freunde Elektronischer Musik ENSEMBLE

– electronic music – live Out of the F.E.M cradle rises it's own ensemble: a band, a liveact, a electronic music performance project. Dedicated to evolving interaction, improvisation and high energy live performance. Each and every performance becomes a unique experience, both for the crowd and the ensemble.


Giuseppe Azzato: live arrangement, beats, fx,


Lauri Meyer: sequencing, modular synth and fx


Ron "Rjega" Rüegg: sequencing, synth, looper and vocal


F.E.M Ensemble - no boundaries - live